Anna Maria Apartments
Living room

The house is an amazing and unique world that we create.
It embodies our ideas about the world around it, at the same time being a reflection and some sort of continuation of us.
We invite you and hope that our house will become a part of your world.

Dining room

In Portugal, it is almost impossible not to be carried away by gastronomic temptations.

And it is quite possible that you will only show up at the kitchen to make coffee and make juice.

But if suddenly, you want to repeat the culinary miracle that struck you yesterday, you will see that we have created all conditions for this.

Bedroom with mirror

After bright impressions you have during the whole day, we will give you a serene sleep and the silence of a cool morning.

And most likely every morning you will choose between the desire to extend it before lunch, run to the ocean or just dip yourself in the pool.

Bedroom with a butterfly

Perhaps, the main thing we want to get on holidays are minutes of solitude and rest.

And your expectations will be fully satisfied, even if you have a rest with your children, friends or relatives.


No one can deny that this is at least convenient when the house on the second floor has separate bathrooms, and on the first - an additional water closet.

Life is made of small things, small events and circumstances. Is there anything so exciting or disappointing as household routine?

We’re convinced that the house where our guests have a rest should be arranged in such a way, no other way.

More about household routine
Complex infrastructure

We offer our guests an outdoor swimming pool, which is accessible only to residents and guests of the complex.

Since it is designed for a small number of apartments, we are confident that you will not be disturbed by anyone enjoying swimming and relaxing by the pool.

The apartments are located in the new private complex - Garden Hill, which on one side faces the old town, on the other side is protected by picturesque hills.

Due to its amazing location, the atmosphere of privacy and the feeling of private space are preserved throughout the territory.

Location Anna Maria

We will say simply the least of it: one can hardly find a more unique combination in Albufeira - location, quality and grand style of the apartments.

You will simply need to leave the house to plunge into the wonderful atmosphere of the old Moorish city, the central street of which will take you to the shore of the ocean.

Our address

Rua Maria Teresa Semedo Azevedo,
Edificio Garden Hill,
Bloco D, 1° Fração T,
Albufeira, Portugal
Código Postal: 8200-155


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Rua Maria Teresa Semedo Azevedo, Edificio Garden Hill,
Bloco D, 1° Fração T, Albufeira, Portugal