Anna Maria Apartments
General booking terms

Booking season - all the year round
Minimal booking period - 3 nights
Maximum booking period is up to 3 months
Long-term placement terms are discussed directly

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Price quote 2018-2019

Direct booking is more profitable than through other services and applications
The price quote includes all related taxes and fees
The prices are indicated for standard accommodation conditions

Month 1 night/€
January 01 - 15 120
January 16 - 31 85
February 85
March 85
April 110
May 125
June 140
July 170
August 170
September 140
October 120
November 85
December 01 - 15 85
December 16 - 31 120

We really hope that you will enjoy spending time with us and will definitely want to come back!

You may rest assured that we will be pleased to fully satisfy any expectations of our loyal guests.

General accommodation terms

Standard accommodation conditions – 4 persons, including minor children
Pets are not allowed
Smoking is not allowed in the apartment

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Payment procedure

50% of the cost of accommodation is paid at the time of booking
50% of the amount is paid no later than 14 days before arrival

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Booking cancelation

Terms and procedure for cancellation of booking depends on the period during which the request is sent

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Security deposit

We trust our guests
We are absolutely convinced that you respect the rights of others and your property, take care of what belongs to you and others
And at the same time, we are just people and all of us can cause misunderstandings and unforeseen troubles
And for this sole purpose we apply a security deposit

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For your comfortable rest, we decided to take care of some more details and arranged a guest service
Perhaps, there is one moment that causes us a feeling of grief. Unfortunately, we do not live permanently in Portugal, and therefore we can not meet you personally
You will be greeted by a representative of the company, which provides guest services

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You can order a transfer yourself
Upon your request we can arrange it for you in accordance with the rates of transport companies
You can reserve a car at car rental outlets

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We meet our guests directly in the apartmen
You must inform us in advance on the time of your arrival, as well as on any changes related to the time or date of your arrival.


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