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A dream has one amazing property - it sometimes comes true!

I always had a dream - a dream to live next to the ocean.

This was dream with no details. You imagine the picture and you do not know exactly what kind of place it is or on the shore of what ocean it should be. It's just that you believe that it exists somewhere, and when you see it, you will know right away!

A dream can not live without emotions and feelings, so giving them the full right to dominate, you begin to travel and listen quietly to yourself.

The first visit to Portugal presented the whole bunch of impressions that you experience in such places. However, when leaving, we had some new, special feeling, which appeared exactly there and was engraved deep in the soul.

There was no answer to the question - "What was that?", so we had to go back to Portugal to get this feeling one again. And then it all came together! The dream had an address and an answer to the question: "I want to live here!".

And now we can come to our home, invite guests and share a feeling of joy and happiness.

One may wonder: "But how can one live without a dream?". I say: "Life is a dream, because the fulfillment of one, gives rise to a new one!"

I have a dream - to live here, to grow an orange garden and to look into the infinity of the ocean every single day.

Anna Kuzmina


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